TexTasil: Best protection for all fabrics!

Best protection against moisture and dirt

Textile surfaces are constantly exposed to stress: dust, dirt and other environmental influences affect them in daily use.

The invisible textile sealing with pearl-off effect is suitable for all textile surfaces around the vehicle:

The TexTasil textile sealant forms a very thin, invisible film, which chemically bonds with the substrate. This film is made up of many billions of particles lined up side by side, which encase each individual fibre and thus form an impenetrable protective wall against moisture and dirt.

This chemical bond guarantees that the sealed surfaces are particularly permanent and resistant to environmental influences.

TexTasil is easy to use:

To ensure a good adhesion, the entire textile surface should be thoroughly cleaned and dry before impregnation.

Afterwards you can apply TexTasil in the practical spray bottle onto the textile surface. Additional applications can increase the effect of the sealing. For an optimal sealing of a car seat you need approximately 100ml.

After spraying TexTasil, allow the cushion to dry completely.

Where to use Textasil:

Car seats

Textile car tops

Floor mats

Child seats

and many other textile products