Ombrello: See clear at any time!

Ombrello glass coating provides a clear vision through all glass surfaces at any time.

When driving in the rain the water drops will pearl off the treated windscreen and you have a much better view.

This is comparable to the lotus effect. A view that cannot be achieved by wiping alone.

See Clearly

Ombrello is the only water-repellent coating that has been scientifically tested.

Ombrello changes the surface texture of the glass due to the connection build with the glass at a molecular level. It becomes hydrophobic.

As soon as waterdrops will hit the glass they will form a spherical drop. Because of the contact angle of 115 degrees and the influence of gravity and airstream these water drops simply pearl off the windscreen. Existing dirt particles are carried away by the water droplets and will be rinsed off.

The durability of Ombrello is approx. 1 year or approx. 20,000 km if used properly. Car washing waxes and additives does not affect the functionality of Ombrello.

Without Ombrello, water adheres permanently to the glass surface.

Ombrello uses the lotus effect to give you a clear view at all times.

With Ombrello, water drops cannot adhere to the glass surface.

Drive Safer

The application on windscreens of vehicles has proven itself a million times.

Ombrello noticeably reduces fatigue while driving in unfavourable weather conditions. Because of the better visibility objects can be recognize much earlier and the reaction time will be reduced. At 130 km/h the braking distance is reduced by up to 30m. Accidents can be avoided under certain circumstances.

Benefits of Ombrello: 

On the road:

  • Better visibility at day and night (with oncoming headlights)
  • Reduces fatigue in adverse weather conditions
  • Improves windscreen wiper performance against dirt and insects
  • The windscreen wipers are needed less at more than 70 km/h
  • Insects are much easier to remove

When the vehicle is parked:

  • Makes it easier to clear ice, snow and even dirt

Where to use Ombrello:

  • Cars and caravans
  • Trucks and busses
  • Motorsports
  • Expedition vehicles
  • Real glass (e.g. Glasses, shower partitions etc.)
  • Water sports, boats

Easy to use

Ombrello can be easily applied to a clean windscreen in just a few minutes. The coating of an already treated glass can easily be renewed at any time. Even older glass can be coated with Ombrello after proper cleaning.

Experience this fascinating effect: Water drops are not able to adhere on the glass. They will be blown away by the airstream and wipers will be needed less. Ombrello makes it easier to clear ice, snow and dirt and also insects can be removed without any problems.

Ombrello can also be used excellently on all real glasses, e.g. on boats, in sports or in the household (e.g. real glass showers).

Ombrello is constantly monitored and tested by TÜV Thüringen. Effectiveness certified.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The coating lasts about a year or 20,000 kilometers. This is almost six times the durability of other products.

It only takes a short time to clean the windscreen and only a few minutes for the coating to be applied. So you don’t have to spend more than 15-20 minutes on an entire windshield.

Ombrello changes the surface of glass at a molecular level. Therefore impacting water drops have a much larger angle and can simply roll off. Without the coating, drops lie flat on the glass and impair the visibility.

Ombrello is not manufactured on the basis of silicone, but consists of a fluoropolymer. It therefore lasts much longer and is much more durable.

Yes, it will withstand to all strains

Tests of leading glass repairs could not detect any problems.

No, with the coating you need the windscreen wiper much less often, but Ombrello is not a complete replacement, especially at low speeds or when stationary.


No, the application is simple and safe. Nevertheless, you should take care not to inhale vapours, protect your hands with gloves and never swallow the liquid and keep it away from skin and eyes.

Yes, Ombrello can be used on any glass, e.g. on any vehicle, boat or shower partitions.

The glass should be completely cleaned before application. After opening the ampoule you should be finish within 15 minutes. Make sure that the entire windscreen is covered (preferably wipe vertically first, then horizontally). Contact of the liquid with the eyes or the skin should be avoided. Afterwards you should wipe the whole window with a dry cloth before the coating dries completely.

Those who only drive in city traffic and rarely drive above 70 km/h will hardly feel the benefit of Ombrello, as the drops are not completely carried away by weak wind.

Ombrello is designed to last as long as possible on glass. This cannot be achieved with pre-mixed coatings, which are pre-mixed as a 1-component material with an alcohol compound. 1-component coatings are usually labeled as “highly flammable”.

In addition, the technically complex and patented ampoule prevents the ingredients from being accidentally spilled in large quantities or even swallowed, e.g. by children.

The content of one ampoule is adequate for approx. 2 m² glass surface. It is sufficient for the windscreen and also the side windows of a regular car. Please make sure that the coating is moistened the entire glass to be effective. Wiping the liquid several times only increases the subsequent effort to remove the excess amount by polishing.

Ombrello has a hydrophobic effect, i.e. waterdrops are contracting on the glass surface – the contact angle is increasing. Due to that the drops can simple roll of through the airstream. The same effect will also occur with very small drops such as dewdrops. (it is no raining but the glass is still wet). Due to the light difference in temperature (glass surface and air temperature) there is always a very thin waterfilm, which will spread the back light.

This waterfilm can be removed easily by using the heater. Put them on the highest level with maxium temperature pointed to the frontscreen. Usually 1-2 minutes are sufficient to increase the temparture of the glass compared to the outside temperature.

No, as long as the ampoule is not opened, it can be stored for years. However, once the ampoule has been opened, it must be processed within 15 minutes.

There are some manufacturers who apply a mirror coating to the outer surface. Ombrello could attack this coating. We therefore recommend not to coat the exterior mirrors.